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Electrical Testing

Ampteks provides electrical maintenance testing and switchgear maintenance not only in the Bay Area, but also all of California. Whether if it’s one breaker or a full facility shutdown you can be confident that Ampteks has the required skill set and training to complete the job on time and resolve the majority of issues that arise during your shutdown.

  • Infrared Survey

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Ground Fault Systems

  • Switchgear

  • Transformers

  • Transfer Switches

  • Cables

  • Protective Relays

  • Ground Resistance


Thermography Survey (IR)

Thermography/IR scan is an effective non-invasive method of checking for overloading of connections, bad contacts, loose connections, imbalanced load. Ampteks provides services to data centers, hospitals, industrial and commercial facilities. We have a dedicated vehicle specifically for thermography, since they are frequent and within the bay area we use a Chevy volt electric vehicle to reduce our gas consumption and carbon footprint.


Onsite Repair and Modifications:

If your breakers do not charge, close, or trip Ampteks provides responsive 24/7 - 365 circuit breaker repair, modification or retrofit at your facility. Call 925-493-7150, if it is after hours please leave a message and a seasoned expert will respond promptly.


Onsite Support / Consulting

If you are looking for someone to lean on for your shutdown or during an existing outage, We have a skilled project manager that can provide assistance down to the finite detail and make sure your job is done thoroughly and correctly. We can also provide replacement breakers or parts quickly.


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