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Air Breaker

Air frame circuit breakers have a steel frame skeletal in nature. The design allows for easy access to the mechanical operator, accessories, and current carrying components. With this open type construction maintenance is simplified, however the openness of the design allows for environmental contamination which can lead to more frequent maintenance requirements.


Every air breaker that leaves our facility is fully refurbished or remanufactured. In addition to NETA/ANSI testing specifications, we measure current, voltage, and timing for all motors, closing coils, UVR’s and shunt trips. This provides you unparalleled data collection and documentation.


If you do not find the breaker for your requiments in our inventory please email or call as we can build out the breaker accessories to your specific application. There is also inventory that has not been entered.

Air Circuit Breaker

Inventory No: 2650020
Catalog No: DB-50

1600A, 600V, DB-50, Manually Operated, Draw-Out, Single Position, Digitrip 510, 400A-1600A CT's, LS Functions

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Manufacturer Eaton/Cutler Hammer/Westinghouse
Catalog Number DB-50
Frame Size 1600A
Frame Type DB
Operating Mechanism Manual
Mounting Configuration Draw-Out
Voltage Class 600V
Charge Voltage -
Close Oil Voltage -
Shunt Trip Voltage -
Accessories -
Connection Diagrams -
Trip/ Sensor Size 1600A
Trip Unit Manufacturer Eaton/Cutler-Hammer/Westinghouse
Trip Unit Catalog Number SRH53LS
Protective Functions LS
Rating Plug Catalog Number RP6A08A0400
Inventory Number 2650020
Location S323R

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