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Insulated Case

Insulated Case breakers are similar to Molded Case in that they are completly enclosed in a housing made of insulating material. The housing is deigned with two halfs that can be seperated to perform repairs or add accessories. Insulated case breakers have ratings up to 6300A and are available as bolt-in or draw-out construction, as well as several interal accessories.


Every insulated case that leaves our facility is fully refurbished. In addition to NETA/ANSI testing specifications, we measure current, voltage, and timing for all motors, closing coils, UVR’s and shunt trips. This provides you unparalleled data collection and documentation.


If you do not find the breaker for your requiments in our inventory please email or call as we can build out the breaker accessories to your specific application. There is also inventory that has not been entered.

Insulated Case Circuit Breaker

Inventory No: 2650050
Catalog No: TPSS9640GE3

4000A, 600V, TPSS9640GE3, Electrically Operated 125VDC, Shunt Trip 120-240VAC, 8A8B Aux, Bell Alarm, Houston Style Draw-Out

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Manufacturer General Electric
Catalog Number TPSS9640GE3
Frame Size 4000A
Frame Type TPSS
Operating Mechanism Electric
Mounting Configuration Draw-Out
Voltage Class 600V
Charge Voltage 125VDC
Close Oil Voltage 125VDC
Shunt Trip Voltage 120/240VAC
Accessories Auxiliary 8A8B
Connection Diagrams -
Trip/ Sensor Size 4000A
Trip Unit Manufacturer General Electric
Trip Unit Catalog Number Versatrip
Protective Functions LIG
Rating Plug Catalog Number 4000A
Inventory Number 2650050
Location N312L

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