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Ampteks, Inc. is regarded as industry experts on circuit breakers. Being located in the Bay Area allows us the opportunity to be involved in the most sophsticated data centers. Typically on the low voltage distribution are line ups of Square D Merlin Gerin MasterPact MP or NW frames. We have installed and tested more than 1000 AC-PRO-MP trip unit retrofit kits as well as testing countless MasterPact NW frames.


We repair these frames as well as install accessories such as charging motors, shunt trips, UVR's, and auxiliary switches. We stock these frames as well as parts and accessories. Please search below for particular frame you require, or contact us for a breaker designed for your application.

Insulated Case Circuit Breaker

Inventory No: 2650087
Catalog No: NW20N

2000A, 600V, NW20N, 4 Pole, Electrically Operated 120VAC, Micrologic 6.0A LSIG, COM, SDE2, SDE1, MX2, MX1, XF, MCM, OF12, BL1FFV44A3DFFFWSXA

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Manufacturer Square D
Catalog Number NW20N
Frame Size 2000A
Frame Type NW
Operating Mechanism Electric
Mounting Configuration Bolt-In
Voltage Class 600V
Charge Voltage 120VAC
Close Oil Voltage 120VAC
Shunt Trip Voltage 120VAC
Accessories Auxiliary
Connection Diagrams -
Trip/ Sensor Size 2000A
Trip Unit Manufacturer Square D
Trip Unit Catalog Number S144A
Protective Functions LSIG
Rating Plug Catalog Number 2000A
Inventory Number 2650087
Location N344L

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