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Medium Voltage

An advantage of medium voltage distribution systems is the ability to deliver large amounts of power with small amounts of current. The reduction in current translates to lower systems losses from the heat generated by current flow. The most common and current are Vacuum and SF6 with Air Break, Air Blast, Air Magnetic, and Oil being of older technology.


We stock Vacuum breakers such as Eaton Cutler-Hammer VCP-W, and GE VB.1, we also offer factory level repair and rebuild services to 34kV.

Medium Voltage Breaker

Inventory No: 2650001
Catalog No: 150VCP-W500

1200A, 5kV, 150VCP-W500, 120VAC Control

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Manufacturer Eaton/Cutler Hammer/Westinghouse
Catalog Number 150VCP-W500
Frame Size 1200A
Frame Type VCP-W
Operating Mechanism Electric
Mounting Configuration Draw-Out
Voltage Class 5kV
Charge Voltage 125VAC/VDC
Close Oil Voltage 120VAC
Shunt Trip Voltage 120VAC CAP
Accessories -
Connection Diagrams 691C386H04
Trip/ Sensor Size -
Trip Unit Manufacturer -
Trip Unit Catalog Number -
Protective Functions -
Rating Plug Catalog Number -
Inventory Number 2650001
Location S311L

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