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Molded Case

Molded case breakers are factory sealed and considered a consumable part. If opened under a fault condition it should be removed from service and tested to determine if it is suitable for continued service, if not it should be replaced with a new comparable or superceded breaker. Expeptions are minimal but are allowed if the trip unit carries its own catalog number, or no current new style breaker is available.


We can ship new molded case breakers within a day. Please use the inventory system to find your breaker below, or you can also email and call.

Molded Case

Inventory No: 9990114
Catalog No: 505C633G34 C-H

505C633G34 C-H

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Manufacturer Eaton/Cutler Hammer/Westinghouse
Catalog Number 505C633G34 C-H
Frame Size -
Frame Type Molded Case
Operating Mechanism -
Mounting Configuration -
Voltage Class -
Charge Voltage -
Close Oil Voltage -
Shunt Trip Voltage -
Accessories -
Connection Diagrams -
Trip/ Sensor Size -
Trip Unit Manufacturer -
Trip Unit Catalog Number -
Protective Functions -
Rating Plug Catalog Number -
Inventory Number 9990114
Location -

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