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Circuit Breaker Remanufacture, Refurbish, Repair

We are uniquely qualified remanufacture, refurbish or repair your circuit breakers. With over 2 decades of hands-on experience, or to put it another way, 30,000+ hours honing our skill set to achieve excellence is what makes the difference in every circuit breaker that comes through our facility. Our inbound inspection process determines which renewal path your circuit breaker will take: reconditioning or remanufacturing. While reconditioning is ideal for circuit breakers that have experienced normal wear, remanufacturing is optimal for circuit breakers with excessive wear or degradation. At Ampteks, Inc. we take our commitment to safety, reliability and quality very seriously as demanded by critical power users we serve.

In addition to NETA/ANSI testing specifications, we measure current, voltage, and timing for all motors, closing coils, UVR’s and shunt trips. This provides you unparalleled data collection and documentation.

Warranty Remanufacture:

  • Five year warranty

  • Ampteks remanufactured circuit breakers are backed by our industry leading five year warranty, refurbished breakers are warranted for three years.

  • To maintain warranty the circuit breakers must be serviced by Ampteks, Inc. on a tri-annual basis from the date of final production testing before leaving our facility.

  • This warranty not only reflects our commitment but also demonstrates the quality and value we deliver.

  • If the circuit breaker is not maintained by Ampteks the warranty is void after three years.

Retrofit Service

We are industry experienced experts, with thousands of trip unit retrofit kits sold, installed, and tested either in our facility or on the jobsite!

Being directly involved with the design and implementation of the Utility Relay Co. AC-PRO-MP for replacing failing STR trip units and other custom trip unit retrofit kits. We will provide the best possible system protection for every project.

Enter a new era of advanced system protection



  • 55% smaller

  • Conformal casting

  • Innovative logic / RS485 Modbus RTU Communication

  • UL Certified

  • Download data sheet

  • Over 3000 kits available

Bench Testing

In addition to field service Ampteks also provides primary injection testing services for uninstalled breakers, relays, and switchgear. This not only saves you startup time, the cost is considerably reduced if we test at our facility. Turnaround time is quick and each piece of equipment will come with a detailed test report.

We also pickup and delivery those loose breakers saving you valuable time. We will even test while you wait if you decide to have it delivered to our facility.

Pickup and Delivery

Ampteks provides free pickup and delivery services within the greater Bay Area. We have Sprinter vans and box trucks properly equipped to pick up or deliver your circuit breakers rain or shine. Go ahead and give us a call.

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